4 Energy Thumps
5 Element Cycle
5 Element Chart
Qigong Eye Exercises
The Six Healing Sounds
Walking Barefoot & Health
Rooster's Comb for the Brain
Prostate & Qi Gong
Points for Sinus and Hay Fever
Points for Appetite & Digestion
Hand Reflexology Chart
Foot Reflexology Chart
312 Meridian Healing Protocol
Ear Reflexology Chart
Qigong Emotional Release
Points Uterine Health
Locate Kidney 1
Relieve Shoulder Pain
Relieve Insomnia
 Heal from a Stroke
Pain Hand Points
Brazilian Toe Technique
Brain Gym Detailed
Brain Gym Exercises
 Energy Medicine Routine
Improve Sleep
8 Brocade Sequence
Immune Boosting Points
Breast Heath
Seasonal Transition
Triple Warmer Sedation
Qigong in the Park Waiver

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