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Qigong for the Eyes

For the last year or so most of us have been spending a lot more time front of screens: cell phones, tablets, computers, televisions, etc. As such many are experiencing problems with their eyes. It maybe due to not getting outdoors enough and allowing the eyes to absorb the full spectrum of light. It may also be due to the inability to experience many different stimuli through the eyes, which cause them to "exercise". Spending so much our our time staring at screens can cause the eyes to become strained, tired and depleted.

According to WebMD, "The blue light from electronic devices messes with your circadian rhythm, or sleep cycle. It signals your brain to wake up when it should be winding down. In one study, as little as 2 hours of exposure to blue light at night slowed or stopped release of the sleep hormone melatonin. Powering down your digital devices at least 3 hours before bedtime can help."

The article goes on to say that blue light from screens at night, "has been linked to depressive symptoms in animal studies. But exposure to blue light during the day may have the opposite effect."

The article further states that "digital eyestrain, or computer vision syndrome, affects about 50% of computer users. Symptoms include dry, irritated eyes and blurred vision."

Qigong for the eyes is one thing that you might want to consider in order to ward off any issues.

As described in Qigong Eye Exercises handout on this website, massaging certain areas of the eyes and "eye exercises" can help increase blood and energy flow to the eyes as well as strengthen the eyes and muscles around the eyes. Do each exercise at least 10 times as long as your eyes do not experience any discomfort or pain.

As you practice qigong, change you perspective. Alternate your vision between some distant point and then something very close, as we do in Dragon Stretches it's Tail, focusing on the palm approaching and then at the horizon when looking away.

Using the energy generated from your qigong practice, place your palms close to your face and allow your hands to send healing energy to your eyes. Visualize the energy permeating the eyes. Try to feel the warmth of the energy, allowing your eyes bathe in this nourishing force. Keep your hands over your eyes for a few moments as you slowly take calming, relaxing, healing breaths.

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