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Connect with the Qi

One of the reasons for doing qigong is to become more aware of our interconnectedness.

As Lynne McTaggart explains in her book" The Field" everything is connected by the Zero Point Field (ZPF), a sea of energy. As described by quantum physics, Hans Andeweg writes in his April 21, 2016 article Everything is Energy, Everything is One, Everything is Possible, "We could say that everything is connected to everything else by an unending ocean of zero-point energy, covered by morphic fields of information, acting like a kind of matrix. From the connection between this life energy and information comes a formative force. If this formative force connects to matter, a life form originates." ... "Every thought has an influence on us and on our surroundings. A negative thought has a negative effect and a positive one has a positive effect. That means that we have to take care, because this is how we create our reality and future. That is what we call fate. What happens to you and what goes on in your life is coincidental, but it can be good luck or bad luck. If your intention has influence on reality, is it possible to create a positive future by thinking positive thoughts?"

According to a White Tiger Qigong Post, "Studies have found that “forest bathing” (Shinrin-yoku) has positive physiological effects, such as blood pressure reduction, improvement of autonomic and immune functions, as well as psychological effects of alleviating depression and improving mental health."

They further state that "how you feel effected by different natural elements.

Some people feel peaceful with an ocean.

Some people feel power with a mountain.

Others feel the softness and mystery of a forest.

Go and experience different elements of nature and feel how it effects your mood.

I had one master I studied with who like to do his breathing Qigong practice in the mornings in a flower garden because the colors and scent of the flowers made him feel good.

Feeling good is the point.

The more time we can stay in a better mood, the more our health will improve.

In Chinese Medicine the organs have a direct connection to the sensory organs.

For example, if I am by the ocean I close my eyes and tune in with my ears to the sound of the ocean waves. I feel so good from this and it relaxes me.

The sound stimulates the kidneys as the kidneys are related to sound in the 5 Elements.

After a few minutes of this, I tune into the feeling of the soft, salty, ocean air on my skin and enjoy that fresh air feeling. If you can, listen to a water source such as a river, stream, or gentle waves on a beach.

I do Skin Breathing Qigong where I feel as if I can breathe the air in through my skin.

The skin is connected to the lungs in the 5 Elements. Then after a few minutes of this I open my eyes and take in beauty of the scenery as if I can breathe it in through my eyes, absorbing the beauty and enjoying it.

The eyes are connected to the liver so this is beneficial for the liver.

If you can look at something green as this will be even more soothing for the liver."

The theory of Wu Xing, or more commonly referred to in the West as the 5 Element Theory, is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and outlines the interaction between the different elements. The 5 elements are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each individual is a blend of these elements, and in order to be truly healthy, they need to be balanced. There are physical, emotional and energetic ties to each of the elements. Imbalances can lead to many different issues.

A practice recommended by White Tiger Qigong, as edited, follows:

It is recommended that you do this facing a sunrise or sunset to capture the fire from the sun:

  1. Facing up at the sun with your eyes closed (so you don’t hurt the eyes), take a deep, slow, long and soft breath in as if you can draw the sun’s fire through the eyes.

  2. Focus the fire going into the lower Dantian (the are in the abdomen just below your belly button).

  3. The fire element is connected to your heart and the heart manifests in the sensory organ of the tongue.

  4. Breathing in, draw the sun’s fire into your closed eyes and feeling the fire go into your mouth. Gently click the teeth together 36 times while listening to the reverberation of the sound inside the head generating saliva while exhaling.

  5. Inhale, drawing more fire from the sun into your mouth. Circle the tongue in each direction, both in front of and behind the upper and lower teeth generating more saliva and exhale slowly out of the nose. Keep repeating this until you feel a small amount of saliva building in the mouth.

  6. Now inhale drawing more fire from the sun into your mouth and beat the sides of your mouth by moving your tongue side to side, as if you are beating a drum while exhaling.

  7. Then inhale and begin chewing with your mouth open to mix saliva with oxygen and then exhale.

  8. Take a slow, deep inhalation drawing more fire from the sun into the mouth and swallow the golden, liquid fire extending the top of the head upward as you swallow the saliva with a “gulping” action. You many be able to swallow the saliva in a single swallow or it may take 2-3 swallows. Extending the head upward helps the saliva descend. Imagine the saliva traveling down the mid-line of the body to the area below the navel, where the saliva is transformed into steam, like water hitting a fire. Imagine that the steam expands outward to fill and warm the lower abdomen.

  9. Now focusing on the Lower Dantian, visualize a small pool of golden fire begin to expand outward from your Dantian and permeate your entire body, burning away all desire. Feel the gentle heat, visualize the golden fire. Engage more senses by listening to the crackling of the fire. Each breath is slow and long.

  10. After 8 breaths of this. Feel the fire all sinking back down into the Lower Dan Tian, coalescing and condensing into a small golden pearl. Feel the peaceful contentment throughout your entire being.

  11. Breathe slow soft breaths for as long as you want here, enjoying the feeling.

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