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The Most Healing Qigong Posture

One of the most important qigong postures for maintaining heath as well as for healing is Bamboo in the Wind (see the video).

Lee Holden states: [Bamboo in the Wind] Helps unwind stress and tension and allows the body to come back to a place of being balanced and centered.

Liz Hennessy writes on her website Qigong Exercises for Beginners "This exercise [Bamboo in the Wind] cultivates the awareness of the new flowing energy in your body and therefore bringing you into the present moment which activates the parasympathetic nervous system fully enabling deep relaxation in the mind and body. Cultivating present moment awareness brings us into a healing space where our mind is not busy with the past or future. The present is where our true power resides."

Standing tall with your feet together (or as close as comfortable without feeling like you're going to fall over), place your hands, one palm over the other just below your belly button. Allow your mind to clear as you focus on your breath. Perform deep, slow, abdominal breathing. Focus on the sensation of the breath coming in and out the nose, momentarily pausing before each inhalation and exhalation. Relax into the moment and let the body rock and sway as qi (energy) flows in and through your body, allowing it to go where it is most needed. Visualize and/or feel the qi as it flows, removing energetic blockages, energy stagnation, cold and darkness. Notice your body filling with a warm, loving light.

As Anthony Korahais states, in qigong "the primary goal is to cultivate a smooth flow of qi, or vital energy. When the qi flows smoothly, there will be a harmony in your natural healing systems. And when this happens, there will be health and vitality."

Bamboo in the Wind (also know as Flowing Breeze Swaying Willow) restores and enhances your natural healing capacity.

Daily practice of Bamboo in the Wind will relieve stress, boost the immune system, and to keep qi flowing smoothly throughout the body.

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