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Firm pressure on Stomach 36 helps to counteract sugar cravings. This is the most Earthy, grounding point on the entire body. Place your fingers over the point, 4 finger widths below your knee cap, outside of your shinbone. Flex your feet up & down a few times. The point is underneath the muscle that pops out. Rub it briskly for a minute, then press it firmly 4 to 5 times daily + use your will to avoid sweets.

From Michael Reed Gach Ph.D.

Also very important acupuncture point for building and maintaining overall health, breast problems, lower leg pain and digestive issues, including hiccups.

According to "not only does this point strengthen the legs, it fortifies the whole body, tonifying the Qi and eliminating fatigue.

What is more, ST 36 treats most digestive conditions including nausea, vomiting, reflux, belching, stomach cramps, bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, low appetite and poor digestion. If that’s not enough, it improves the immune system, treats chills, fever, asthma and alleviates depression. This is such a powerful point, it is said that by the daily stimulation of this point, you can live to be 100."

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