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Practice Grounding for Your Health

According to an article on by Olivia Kelley "Studies show that the practice of grounding or earthing, could have many health benefits, especially during times of high anxiety or stress.

The therapeutic technique involves doing activities that reconnect your body to the earth in order to absorb its electrical charges. Many grounding experts believe that through this practice, the natural defenses of the body can be restored, leading to many overall health benefits."

" Healthline reported that people showed improvement in the following areas.

  • Chronic fatigue – The regulation of cortisol levels often aids in getting more sleep and, in return, having more energy throughout the day. 

  • Chronic pain – Studies show that grounding reduces inflammation in the body, leading to quicker healing and reduced pain.

  • Anxiety and depression – The influx of negative electrons from the earth has been shown to calm the nervous system.

  • Sleep disorders – Studies have shown that grounding can regulate cortisol levels, making it easier to fall asleep (and stay asleep).

  • Cardiovascular disease – Studies show less red blood cell clumping after grounding, suggesting many cardiovascular benefits.

How to practice grounding

There are several ways to practice grounding, or earthing. The simplest way is to walk on the ground in your bare feet. Moisture helps conduct the earth’s energy, so wet grass, dirt, or sand are the best ways to experience grounding. Keep in mind, your feet may be tender, especially if you aren’t used to walking around barefoot.

Baron suggested imagining negative energy dumping out of your feet and healing energy flowing into them. 

You can also lay directly on the ground to absorb electromagnetic energy from the earth.

“Allow yourself to make contact with the earth, and feel as though you can sink into it deeply,” Jain said. “This allows the body to relax and receive more freely".

Submerging yourself in water is another popular way to practice grounding. Just wade into the ocean or a lake or even a river and feel the energy of the water moving around you. 

If you can’t get outside to practice grounding, there are alternative ways to ground yourself indoors using grounding mats, grounding sheets or blankets, grounding bands or patches, and even grounding socks."

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