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Immune Boosting Acupressure Course

Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. Presents: Immune Boosting Formula Home Online Program

A Special 7-Day Online Self-Care Program to Strengthen your Resistance to Illness, Release Fear and Dissolve Stress & Anxiety using Acupressure Points.

7-session Acupressure course covering the MOST potent points to boost your immune system and to release stress, anxiety, fear, and worry. It's priced at over 50% off to make it more affordable to anyone interested.

You will learn the main points to clear your body of negativity, balance your emotions and strengthen your immune system.

It starts next Thursday, April 9th. The sessions will be on video & will be available to download so you can have lifetime access.

Each of the 7 sessions will be around 45 minutes, designed to increase your vitality and show you the best points for strengthening the immune system.

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