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Free Audio Book by Robert Peng

Master Peng conducted a free webinar on Tuesday March 31, 2020. It was entitled Qigong to Empower Guardian Qi during COVID-19 Pandemic (See blog post titled Free Qigong Webinar by Robert Peng). He posted the replay on YouTube along with some wonderful gifts. These can be downloaded for a limited time

One of these is an audiobook titled "100 Days of Darkness and Light', which is the story of Master Peng's training. Robert Peng was trained by a legendary monk named Xiao Yao during the Chinese cultural revolution. As part of his training he did a 100 day water fast in a dark chamber in a remote mountain monastery. Robert went through a profound spiritual transformation and developed extraordinary healing powers.

There are also two videos in this gracious offering. One for Qigong Self Massage, the other is Scooping Universal Qi to empower wisdom, love and vitality.

These gifts can be downloaded from this LINK.



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