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Evening and Sleep Meditation

After you’ve prepared to go to sleep, sit or lay comfortable on your bed or in a chair. It can be a good idea to make sure you’ve completed all of your day’s activities before starting this meditation so you can go right to sleep after you complete it. 

Once you’ve gotten yourself comfortable, start by taking slow, deep breaths. On your inhale, breath in through your nose and allow your belly, ribs, and chest to fill up with air. On your exhale, breath out through your mouth and allow your chest, ribs, and belly to release the air from your body.

As you inhale, imagine white light entering your body, filling you up with vital, nourishing energy. On you exhale, imagine cloudy grey energy leaving your body as you let go of any stress or anxiety from your day. 

Have your intention be to release anything you don’t want to take with you into your sleep. Continue focusing on your breath for a few minutes until you feel that you’ve entered a peaceful and relaxed state. 

Now, start to think about something you’re grateful for from the day you just completed. This can be something simple like a delicious meal or a conversation you enjoyed. Love, health, and general well being are always wonderful gifts to feel appreciation for as well. Just allow yourself to feel gratitude for whatever feels important to you.

As you focus on what you’re grateful for, start to smile into your heart center. Feel the blessings that have been bestowed upon you for that day. Remind yourself that each day is a gift that you’ve granted. 

In your heart, feel your appreciation grow and build. Orienting towards gratitude doesn’t just help you return to what is important, it also helps your body release old energy and come into flow with the world around you. When this happens, your body becomes a vessel that is ready to be filled with nourishing Qi in the night ahead.

You can continue this meditation and include as many things as you’d like. Nothing is too small or too large to feel grateful for. 

Allow gratitude to grow and flow within your mind, body, and heart. Let it fill you up and help you to further enter a state of relaxation and peace. When you’re ready, you can release your focus and allow yourself to drift into sleep.

Gratitude is a wonderful feeling to cultivate before sleep, but don’t be afraid to practice this meditation whenever you want. Also, as always, feel free to modify this meditation in whatever way is best for your individual needs. 

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