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7 FREE Practices to Restore Balance in Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Sounds True is offering a free Energy Healing Toolkit of seven teachings that, as Sounds True says "you can use to help ease the stress of living in uncertain times".

The Sounds True website further states "Learn Tapping, Qi Gong, Meditation, Magick, Breathwork and Energy Medicine Techniques From 7 Premier Teachers."

The other presenters are as follows:

Settle into appreciative presence with Iyanla Vanzant's "An Awareness Exercise to Find Faith by Trusting the Divine"

Activate the most important energetic junctions in your body with Robert Peng's "A Qigong Practice to Awaken Your Three Qi Energy Centers"

Step out of the shadow of chronic stress with HeatherAsh Amara's "A Visualization Exercise to Shift Patterns Around Overwhelm"

Invite vigor and abundance with Damien Echols's "A Charging Water Practice to Attract More of What You Want"

Engage with and disperse anxious energies with Dr. Dawson Church's "A Tapping Exercise to Lower Cortisol and Support Immunity"

Break through bad habits with Lauren Walker's "A Breathing Exercise to Interrupt Unresourceful Habitual Patterns"

The lessons are released on a daily basis. The first is from Donna Eden, a renowned energy medicine teacher, who shows you how to cleanse your body’s energy in order to process daily stresses and strengthen your immune response with a Morning Energy Routine to remove stress. Basically the 4 Thumps with a couple of other energetic practices. If you are interested you can sign up HERE.

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