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4-Point Acupressure Routine To Strengthen Lung Health & Immunity

According to Snow Xia "lung health determines our overall well-being. By strengthening the lung meridian, we speed up blood and chi circulation throughout the body, increasing immune cell activities necessary to support immune health."

She recommends stimulating the following 4 points:

Lung 1- Find the hollow space under the clavicle, and above the armpit crease. The point is located on the lateral edge of the chest, between the first and second rib (sometimes level with the second rib). This area should feel tender to the touch.

Lung 7 - Located above the wrist on the inside of the arm.

Large Intestine 4 - Located between the base of your thumb and index finger.

Liver 3 - Located on the top of your foot, between the web of the big and the second toe.

She also suggests other ways to support the lung meridian:

" 1. Eat spicy foods.

The lung meridian corresponds to pungent (or spicy) taste in five-element theory. By increasing the intake of such foods, we support lung health and nourish overall chi and blood circulation. Some examples are ginger, mint, scallion, daikon radish, garlic, pear, leeks, and rice. You will probably also notice these "lung tonic" foods are mostly white in color, an easier way to help you identify them.

2. Do meridian stretches and yoga.

Yoga and meridian theory are interconnected. Many yoga poses are, in fact, also stretching the meridian pathways. Doing them regularly can improve circulation and remove blockages in the meridians. From beginner yoga poses like upward-facing dog and fish pose to the more advanced camel pose or cow face pose, these can effectively stretch the lung meridian pathway. For example, fish pose expands the rib cage and widens the bronchial tubes, which opens the lungs to enhance deeper respiration, allowing for more oxygen to enter. When you are in each of these poses, slow down breathing and take in deep breaths to fill up the lungs."

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