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2 Minutes to Restore Peace & Harmony

Holly Tse, a Traditional Chinese Reflexologist and Certified Massage Practitioner has a two minute video on how to locate and massage the Heart 7 or Shen Men Point. As Holly explains, "This point is used to treat insomnia, heart palpitations, fear, sadness, and agitation.

The Chinese name for Heart 7 is shen men, which means “spirit gate.” [Not to be confused with a point on the ear with the same name, which is used to calm the mind but has no apparent effect on the Heart Channel. HERE is a video for massaging that point.] The Chinese Medicine perspective is that the Heart houses the spirit, so if there’s an imbalance in the Heart or its energy meridian, then one’s spirit can become disturbed and restless. This can result in anxiety, fear, restlessness and sleep disturbances.

Massaging Heart 7 helps balance the Heart meridian, which helps to restore a sense of peace and harmony to one’s spirit."

The video plus links two two free Chinese Reflexology coloring book pages and other helpful freebies can be located HERE.

You can also sign up to be notified of her free upcoming seminar on exactly what Holly does to stay healthy, including:

  • Chinese Reflexology points to practice as soon as you return from grocery shopping to strengthen your Lung qi and boost your body’s defenses against what Chinese Medicine refers to as “external pathogens.” We would more commonly refer to these as germs, bacteria, viruses, pollen and air pollution.

  • Foods to avoid because they make it harder for your body to recover from respiratory ailments

  • Why seemingly healthy people are getting sick and what you can do to keep yourself strong and healthy

  • How to know what’s really going on in your body versus hoping for the best or feeling like a sitting duck

  • Points for strengthening immunity and releasing stress

  • And more… 

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